Foresea in Acclimatize

Foresea is taking part in Acclimatize, an online exhibition targeting climate change, organized by Moderna Museet. Be inspired by different projects and ideas on climate change, and take a look at our movie!


Last day of Oerol

Today is already the last day of Oerol Festival and also the last day that our installation will be present. We are welcoming the last visitors and are looking forward to the final appearance of our project.

Tonight after our last dinner on the festival terrain we will start with breaking down the installation. With pain in our hearts we will cut off all the ropes. Tomorrow the firm Trip Hek will take away all the steel poles, something we are really happy with since it will be quite a difficult task to take the 6 meter high poles out of the ground. Before we start breaking down we will make some final pictures to capture the final appearance of the installation, these will follow soon.

Don’t worry, you are not getting rid of us yet. The next couple of weeks we will post the conclusions we got out of our data and also you will see the process of us working on our exhibition and booklet!

For now we would already like to thank everyone who helped us building the sea of ropes. A special thanks goes to the people of Kaap Hoorn who were so hospitable the last couple of weeks. They let us work in their restaurant all of the days and they gave us a lot of mental support. We really enjoyed the team feeling we had with them!

At last, some beautiful pictures of our installation. Enjoy!!:)


Sunset at Terschelling

Finishing the day with a beautiful sunset at the beach of Terschelling



Foresea in talkshow Paulien Cornelisse

Foresea was invited to participate in the talkshow of Paulien at the Oerol festival! With a lot of audience, Jean-Pierre and Jolien were interviewed about our project. It was a nice conversation and many people of the audience were enticed to have a look at our project. The song about Landschapsarchitecture was the finishing touch! Listen here to a short version of their talk, including the song.

We’re in the news!

RTL news have published an aerial photo of the Foresea project !

Take a look here for more information 🙂


Busy at work

A few days in and our exhibition is turning out to be very popular!


We started!!

Oerol has started! Since Wednesday we worked really hard to get our installation on the beach. It was an ambitious task, but we managed!!! Today is the first day the visitors can visit our installation. The visitors are already passing by and little by little a new sea level is arising.

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Two days left!

The final preparations are in full swing, only two days left before we leave to Terschelling!

Closing in

The festival is getting closer and in the studio there is a mix between anticipation and nervousness in the air.  Everyone is eager to leave the studio and start digging into the sand. But there are still a lot left to do and many questions still left to solve. Will all the material arrive on time? How do we best explain our ideas to the visitors? How do we prevent 40 kilometers of thread to tangle up together? And what will the weather be like?
60 questions are being written, revised and rewritten again. The time it takes to drill a hole in a steel pole is being timed to fine-tune the tight schedule for the construction. Different angles of attaching threads to hooks are being tested and calculations for the tides are being made. The studio is a tangle of blue threads, sticks, drawings and creativity.


Testing on the beach

Testing phase

At the moment we are in the middle of our testing phase! Yesterday we had a meeting, discussing our design, material choice, interactive elements and also we picked our logo! Mette gave a short presentation about sea level rise and how this is going to develop during the next centuries. It’s important for us to know a lot about this topic since it’s the main theme of our project.

Today the different teams continued working together, a lot of discussion is going on. Also a lot of research is done on the construction of attaching the ropes to the 6 meter high poles. This turns out to be quite a difficult task.

Jaap and Jean Pierre made an installation outside with a tree and one pole of 6 meters to see in what way this could be done. They attached a lot of ropes in between the pole and the tree and they already came up with a method that could work. This installation made also visible how our project is going to look like when the ropes are attached. We continue developing the construction of attaching the ropes. The type of material we will be using eventually will influence this construction as well. Also research has to be done on the type of rope we will be using and the construction behind the stability of the poles.


Rising of the sea level

Is this where we are heading?!

Making decisions

After the presentations of last friday, the group decided to continue with project Forsea the Future. A strong visual experience, where we want to provoke a discussion on sea level rise. This week we will strengthen this concept and already experiment with different materials. For the coming weeks we divide ourselves in different groups. Nora, Jade and Erika will focus on how the visitors will interact with our project. In depth research on sea level rise is done by Mette, she will provide the group with knowledge on this topic. Jaap, Feliz, Pien and Lilian are in the design and construction team, they will come up with different design solutions for our goal. The feasibility, logistics and finances of the project will be managed by Sicco and Jean Pierre. The graphics team will design our logo and style for all coming publications, this is done by Jolien and Louis.


Is Filiz Forseaing the Future?


How high is six meters actually?


Are we really going to use 60 kilometers of rope?

Project idea 5: Panorama Terschelling

The goal of the project Panorama Terschelling is to confront people with the tension between their wishes and needs. This will be achieved by showing the consequences of economic pressure on the coast in an interactive panorama.

Bestand_000 (2)
First idea

Plan design

Panorama Terschelling (3)Panorama Terschelling (4)
Different images of the beach of Terschelling

Project idea 4: Windharps

Wind is an important natural element for the island of Terschelling. Not only is it almost always windy on the island. Due to the wind the island actually exists. Using this wind into a project therefore was an obvious choice.

The main goal for this project was: creating a new experience of wind. We would like to achieve this by placing wind-instruments on the beach. The placement and type of the instruments create different sounds which will provoke different emotions.

Illustrations windharps

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