Today is already the last day of Oerol Festival and also the last day that our installation will be present. We are welcoming the last visitors and are looking forward to the final appearance of our project.

Tonight after our last dinner on the festival terrain we will start with breaking down the installation. With pain in our hearts we will cut off all the ropes. Tomorrow the firm Trip Hek will take away all the steel poles, something we are really happy with since it will be quite a difficult task to take the 6 meter high poles out of the ground. Before we start breaking down we will make some final pictures to capture the final appearance of the installation, these will follow soon.

Don’t worry, you are not getting rid of us yet. The next couple of weeks we will post the conclusions we got out of our data and also you will see the process of us working on our exhibition and booklet!

For now we would already like to thank everyone who helped us building the sea of ropes. A special thanks goes to the people of Kaap Hoorn who were so hospitable the last couple of weeks. They let us work in their restaurant all of the days and they gave us a lot of mental support. We really enjoyed the team feeling we had with them!

At last, some beautiful pictures of our installation. Enjoy!!:)