Project design

Testing on the beach

Making decisions

After the presentations of last friday, the group decided to continue with project Forsea the Future. A strong visual experience, where we want to provoke a discussion on sea level rise. This week we will strengthen this concept and already experiment with different materials. For the coming weeks we divide ourselves in different groups. Nora, Jade and Erika will focus on how the visitors will interact with our project. In depth research on sea level rise is done by Mette, she will provide the group with knowledge on this topic. Jaap, Feliz, Pien and Lilian are in the design and construction team, they will come up with different design solutions for our goal. The feasibility, logistics and finances of the project will be managed by Sicco and Jean Pierre. The graphics team will design our logo and style for all coming publications, this is done by Jolien and Louis.


Is Filiz Forseaing the Future?


How high is six meters actually?


Are we really going to use 60 kilometers of rope?

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