At the moment we are in the middle of our testing phase! Yesterday we had a meeting, discussing our design, material choice, interactive elements and also we picked our logo! Mette gave a short presentation about sea level rise and how this is going to develop during the next centuries. It’s important for us to know a lot about this topic since it’s the main theme of our project.

Today the different teams continued working together, a lot of discussion is going on. Also a lot of research is done on the construction of attaching the ropes to the 6 meter high poles. This turns out to be quite a difficult task.

Jaap and Jean Pierre made an installation outside with a tree and one pole of 6 meters to see in what way this could be done. They attached a lot of ropes in between the pole and the tree and they already came up with a method that could work. This installation made also visible how our project is going to look like when the ropes are attached. We continue developing the construction of attaching the ropes. The type of material we will be using eventually will influence this construction as well. Also research has to be done on the type of rope we will be using and the construction behind the stability of the poles.