Project idea 3: Foresea the future

How much will the sea level rise in the future? Due to what? Can we, as individuals, collaborate to reduce this rise? Which technologies are being developed to reduce the sea-level rise ? Which steps have allready been taken? And how critical is this rise? Can we turn it into something postive? 

Is it possible to forsee the future?


Project idea 2: Tideline

With the visualisation of the past tideline, visitors could see not only their present surrounding but the natural system on a bigger whole. The concept of the project got visitors to decorate their canvas of their sensory experience of the landscape. With a particular colour, dependant on their time of arrival, visitors placed their own recording of landscape on the waterline and thus become part of the whole, clocking the moving system of the tides. 

presentation tideline

Project idea 1: Balloons, something about sand

Presentation day

For the past week, the team has been working in six separate teams, each following a particular theme and preparing ideas to suit. Yesterdays presentation day we were able to join together and after a week of hard work, showcase our ideas to one another as well as some great outside guests, including OEROL’s organisers team and some of the members of last years group. The day was extremely successful, everyones enthusiasm for the project shone through in each idea.





But, only one idea could follow, and with feedback from guests and the team leaders, we but forth a vote of what project to continue with. We can announce that the project to be developed through the coming weeks is set to give visitors an extremely alien experience of the coast line while touching upon issues concerning sea level rise.


The upcoming two weeks will be a rollercoaster of steps to get this idea from drawing board to reality! Watch this space!

A ballet of balloons

Balloons are dancing in the wind over the surface of a square. This experiment is part of a concept for our Oerol project. In this concept balloons are used to carry small amounts of sand along the beach, as a metaphor for the moving of Terschelling.


A ballet of balloons from Oerol on Vimeo.

Design Process

What we’ve been up to so far

It’s been a month since we started the TU Delft Oerol project

A lot has happened! So here is a summary of what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been generating ideas

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