It’s been a month since we started the TU Delft Oerol project

A lot has happened! So here is a summary of what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been generating ideas

Field trip

On 18 – 20 April we went on a field trip to Terschelling. With a big canvas sheet and a bike, we explored the different landscapes on the island – the clay marshlands, polders, heather, forests, dunes and beach – and our spot during the Oerol Festival.
The first day we had a workshop by (landscape) architect John Lonsdale in the woods. The second day, Maartje Keijzer helped us to become familiar with interacting audience and performances. On the last day we spoke to the forester of Terschelling, Remi Hougee about the ecology of the island and the dune / coastal management.

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Landscape Plans

The second week, after a series of interesting lectures on natural processes, coastal development and management, we worked on our landscape plans for Terschelling and the coastal area of The Netherlands as a whole. The landscape plans were based on imagining future scenarios.

Brainstorming ideas

We then explored common themes, goals and potential ideas for the Oerol project by brainstorming. This gave a lot of different output.


Land art

To become more familiar with Land Art, we analysed examples of Land Art projects that were interesting to us and Oerol. Besides this, we made a pinboard with images of inspiration. This images included examples of Land Art from all around the world.

Research & design workshop by Joost Emmerik and Lara Voerman

On the 9th of May, we had a research and design workshop by Joost Emmerik and Lara Voerman: Reflections on Landscape; representation of local landscapes in gardens and public space. We worked in groups and at the end of the day we presented our designs of the representation of local landscapes in areas on Terschelling


Design exercises

The last 2 weeks we were working in groups to make potential designs/projects for Oerol within the chosen goals and themes. Quite different for our group, because we like a lot of ideas.

Workshop with John and Maartje

Last Friday (13th May) we had a workshop with John and Maartje once more. Maartje gave advice on our projects (up until then) from a visitor’s point of view. How could the projects be more interacting or interesting for the visitors for example.
John reflected on the whole design process so far, and went back on what we made and drew to the canvases during the Fieldwork. He challenged us to make the projects relate to personal and intuitive experiences of the island.